Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Devayani sex story

Devayani was cute actress .One day she is suffering from stomach pain so she called her family doctor .This is the first time devayani calling his family doctor.Devayani is alone and she waiting .As the bell rings she opened the door and welcome the doctor.Doctor is 55 years old he is devayani's father's friend.His name was kumar .Devayani explaining his stomach pain.Kumar asking wat u ate she teling nothing suddenly its paining.Kumar is starving for sex so he thought this is the right time to eat the mango(devayani).Devayani is in red saree .Now kumar taken his sthethoscope and placed in devayani boobs .Kumar is so old so devayani treating him as a father but he is looking at her boob to suck it.Kumar ask to remove her saree for check up .Devayani without hesitation removed her saree now kumar penis is lifted up devayani boobs are like a two mangoes standing erect .Her navel is white and its juicy kumar told devayani to sat on the bed now devayani is in sleeping position kumar kept his hand on center of her navel and pressed she said no pain and now kumar grabed devayani waist he is going to cum and now kumar inserted his hand below petticoat(pavadai)and he touched his panty and pressed devayani screamed with pain kumar enjoying her facial expression and suddenly kumar placed his hand under the devayani boobs and pressed and kumar penis(kunju) is oozing out and devayani said no pain in that region and kumar said ur stomach pain is due to infection so we have to see the urine test.He asking devayani urine.Devayani said ok appa wait and i wil get u.And kumar said no my daughter devayani i want to scrab ur urine from ur vagina(pussy)she she is shocked and she said how dont afraid am like ur dad and kumar take devayani to bathroom devayani is scared kumar in hurry hey lift ur pavadai i have no time pls cooperate we have to find ur disease kumar is so excited to see devayani ass and pussy .Devayani started lifting his petticoat she has a beautiful thighs kumar standing behind her shaking his penis and she lifting upto panties and she also removed her panties her beautiful ass is visible its white and its looking like two big mangoes kumar ejaculate after cing her round ass and now kumar have a scrap paper to take urine sample her pussy is 'V' no hair kumar inserting his finger into her pundai and separating her pussy lips she screaming with pain and he taken the sample from the vagina and kumar said devayani stil lot more test to be done u come to my clinic tomorrow and kumar making a huge plan to fuck devayani in his clinic...............................pls frds encourage me by posting comments after ur comments i will publish the remaining story.